Bespoke Modelling

When you need to design something bigger, complicated or unique in Google Sheets, but don’t know where to start, that’s where I come in! I can create a custom model, just for you. Think of it like building with Lego, but with numbers and charts instead. We’ll work together to make sure it’s perfect and it solves your problem.

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Bespoke Modelling

About my Bespoke Modelling Service

I can create a spreadsheet model to help you answer a specific question.

Or maybe you want to keep track of something over time?

That’s what my bespoke modelling service is for.

I’ll create a custom model just for you, in Google Sheets. It’s a bit like building a brilliant and unique gadget to solve a problem.

What our customers say

"Great service from Simon. Made sure he clearly understood our requirements, a couple of clarification check-ins and provided a solution that met our needs exactly! Oh and he's a really nice guy too! That matters."

Adam Davey – Petaurum HR

“Having come from an accounting background, I’m acutely aware of the power of data for making high value decisions. I’m probably capable of doing for myself what I’ve asked Simon to do for me but know it’s going to take me far longer, and so cost me more, because it’s not what I do, nowadays. So, any time I need to make a decision (business and personal!), I farm the analysis out to Simon. He provides an infographic, re-usable model or whatever and I simply make a simple decision based upon the outputs he’s provided. I’ve even used him to mine my run data from Garmin to help me understand my biometrics and manage my training. Worth his weight in gold.”

Sean Barkes – Refinity Ltd

"Simon is a pleasure to deal with. I initially came to Simon, and after communicating my challenges and issues, he was quick to support and offer solutions."

Jack McGovern – The Glow Group

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